Ladybugs are beetles.  They eat aphids, which is a type of green bug that loves to eat your plants.  Ladybugs are good for the garden.  They have two wings and an outer hard shell called an elytra.

They live in Canada and lots of other places.  Just not the north or south poles.


The number of spots on a ladybugs back has nothing to do with their age.  But it does tell you what that type of ladybug is called.  The number of spots tells you what kind of ladybug it is.  For example if it had 7 spots, it would be a 7 spotted ladybug.  

There are 5000 different kinds of ladybugs.


Dragonflies are special because they can fly in any direction, even backwards.  They can be any color, from dark blue to orange.  They eat mosquitos.  They have segmented eyes which means they are made of a lot of little octagons.  They don't have a pupil.  They see all around with their eye.  They lay their eggs in water.   They live in water for 3 stages of their life: the egg, larvae and nymph.  Then they climb up out of the water and they split open and emerge as a dragonfly.

common green bottle fly

Most people have seen this kind of fly before.


Tree frog

Tree frogs live in Canada.  They eat bugs.  They can be brown, green or gray.  They can have bumps or be smooth.  Most tree frogs can freeze in the winter.  Tree frogs live near the water.

Rocks and minerals


This is a geode.  It is a kind of rock with crystals in side.  We found it at a geode mine.  They cut it in half with a huge saw.  As you can see in the picture, sometimes geodes are hollow.